Friday, June 09, 2006

MEDIA - Advertising

Try to avoid paid advertising. Everyone recognizes ads and discounts them as less credible than other types of exposure. If you must pay for an ad, design it so that it doesn't look like one. Make it an advertorial or a print tool that presents information in an article format. The publication that carries your advertorial will probably label it with the words advertorial or paid advertising to make it clear that it is separate from their own editorial content. Negotiate to have them use the word advertorial; it is much more effective than paid advertising. Some publications may disguise this type of advertisement by calling it a corporate profile or business spotlight. If you must advertise, disguise it as news.

When negotiating the purchase of advertising, think like a tough customer. You might have to talk to their competition to get a better deal.

If you advertise in one of your customers’ trade publications, make sure you're listed as a sponsor instead of as an advertiser. A sponsor seems friendlier than an advertiser. The perception is that we believe a sponsor is supporting us, while an advertiser just wants to sell us something.

Sponsor events, publications, and awards for the associations that your customers belong to.


George Torok, co-author
Secrets of Power Marketing

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