Monday, April 24, 2006

George Cohon on Power Marketing

Next to a lifetime of experience this is one of the most practical marketing books I have seen. I know you wrote this book for small business - but big business could learn a lot from it too.

George Cohon
Senior Chairman of McDonalds Canada and McDonalds Russia
Author of To Russia with Fries

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Monday, April 17, 2006

Media Book Reviews

What do the major Canadian Media Say about Secrets of Power Marketing?

.. aimed at entrepreneurs, essentially a 245 page list of practical tips on how to accomplish that visibility and presence. It's hard not to pick up lots of usable advice from the book.
Globe & Mail

It does offer a concise and well-organized presentation of various types of marketing tactics that business people can use creatively to manage client relationships and raise their personal profiles in the marketplace.
National Post

The Tao of Marketing - the self help book teaches company leaders how to succeed with simple steps such as forming relationships with influential people and finding ways to be known as an expert by the media.
Marketing Magazine

Revealing the Secrets of Power Marketing.. an entertaining, idea-packed inspirational guide that makes it easy to turn your current marketing efforts into personal power marketing strategies that are guaranteed to multiply your results
The Business Executive

Tip sheet. Marketing is part of everything you do - whether you like it or not. To make the most out of your opportunities, learn The Secrets of Power Marketing from the guys who wrote the book. Guide you through leveraging relationships, developing and image and getting the most out of media attention
Profit: The Magazine for Canadian Entrepreneurs

What did 27 of the Major Canadian Media say about Secrets of Power Marketing in the first six months?

George Torok
co-author Secrets of Power Marketing

Secrets of Power Marketing Explained

What is Power Marketing?

Power is the ability to do work.

Marketing is about sending messages.

Therefore Power Marketing is about making your messages work for you.

Secrets of Power Marketing is about understanding and shaping the messages you send to make them work harder for you.

The Bottom Line
Send the messages you want.
Send them stronger.
Send them with less expense to you.

George Torok
Secrets of Power Marketing

Vision, Mission & Purpose

How many books to you know of that have a clearly stated vision, mission and purpose?

Secrets of Power Marketing has all three and it is clearly stated in the front of the book.

Why? Because we the co-authors spent considerable time thinking about, "Why another marketing book? What makes this different? Why would this book appeal to readers?"

Success is an individual choice and responsibility.

To help give individuals more control over the success of their careers or business.

Purpose of This Book
To show you, the individual, how to put the personal in your personal marketing plan.

To help you, the entreprenuer, compete with strenght and confidence in the marketplace against bigger competition.

To provide you with strategies, techniques, and tips to get more from your marketing than you ever thought possible.


Secrets of Power Marketing - conception

Peter Urs Bender mentored me in the business of professional speaking. He taught me, encouraged me and connected me.

During one of our discussions he repeated the need for me to write a book. In frustration, I answered him with, "I know I need to write a book. I just don't know on what topic and where to start."

His reply, "We could write a book together on marketing." The instant he said that I knew it was the perfect collaboration and perfect topic. We agreed on the plan and responsibilities.

I guess all I needed was a good push and some guidance.

Two years later we happily launched our baby, Secrets of Power Marketing. Our original plan called for six months. It took longer.

This blog features lessons from the experience and excerpts from the book.

George Torok
co-author Secrets of Power Marketing

PS: Secrets of Power Marketing reached bestseller status in Canada within six months
PPS: Secrets of Power Marketing is published in at least seven countries