Monday, July 28, 2008

Power Marketing book - for you if...

This book is for you - if you want to get more.

Maybe you want more sales, more money, more clients, more members, more credibility, more recognition...

You just want more - and maybe even more than your fair share. Why should you be satisfied with your fair share? Life isn't fair. It is okay to want more.

This book will show you how to get more than your fair share- without stealing.

The secret of getting more is for you to take control of your marketing. It is easier than you might realize.

Secrets of Power Marketing will help you dispel the dangerous marketing myths. If you are blindly following these myths - you could be wasting tons of money, resources and precious time. You will discover the key truths and principles on which to base your systems. And you will find the power of marketing systems.

Good systems are based on true principles. Learn those truths so you can test your marketing - and correct it. You will find the power of a simple marketing system. You will learn five powerful marketing strategies. And you will enjoy anecdotes, techniques and lessons that you can use immediately.

Secrets of Power Marketing will reveal to you the falsehoods of many myths. Here is the first myth to dispel:

Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door. If you still believe that ancient advice from Ralph Waldo Emerson - this book is not for you. If you have already learned the truth - that it is not enough to be the smartest, best qualified for the job or have the best product.

The market must know of you and perceive you to be the best choice - then this book is for you. It will show you how to market yourself.

You already know why.