Friday, May 12, 2006


A language is not a medium for messages but an organ of perception; collective, corporate perception. The discovery that languages are not channels like the telegraph, but basically forms of perception and association by perception, has been a tremendous revolution.
-Marshall McLuhan

Marketing means communicating your message. A communication is not what you say, but what is heard - and remembered. You influence the perception of a message by determining how it is expressed.
Remember when you experienced the frustration of talking to a friend or family member, only to discover later that they had completely misunderstood you? You knew what you said to them, but you didn't know what they heard, believed, assumed, or remembered. Then when you discovered the misunderstanding you had to spend even more time sorting out the mess. That little miscommunication may have cost you an opportunity, money, and time - not to mention some bad feelings.

-When a message is sent, and the receiver does not understand, who needs to change?-
The sender!

If you have communication problems with family and friends who know you and care about you, imagine the misunderstandings you will have with strangers. This chapter will give you many ideas and techniques for sending messages to the marketplace - but always from the point of view of how they are received and deciphered. Remember that. You must feel good about what you do. But it is more important that your clients and prospects feel good about what you do.

George Torok, Co-author
Secrets of Power Marketing

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