Thursday, October 05, 2006

How to Write a News Release

Don’t be afraid to call it a ‘news release’. You could also call it a ‘news bulletin’ or ‘announcement’, but avoid the term ‘press release’ – it sounds like propaganda.

For perspective, always lead off with the city and date of release. Then add the statement ‘For Immediate Use’. This implies urgency. It also allows the media some choice on when to run it. If the news is date-sensitive, indicate whether it is ‘For use before___’ or ‘For use after___’.

One glance at your release should reveal who sent it; that is, your company name or your organization. If you have a logo, use it.

Should you fax or mail your news release? If it’s urgent, use the fax. But to get noticed, mail it. The media receives a lot of ‘junk’ faxes, and they all look alike. If you mail your message you have a better chance of attracting attention with the color and feel of the paper you choose. Use high-quality paper. You might use your letterhead if it works with the design of the message you’re sending. Attach post-it notes addressed to the person you want to reach. Handwrite the address on the envelope.

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George Torok, co-author
Secrets of Power Marketing

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