Monday, April 17, 2006

Secrets of Power Marketing - conception

Peter Urs Bender mentored me in the business of professional speaking. He taught me, encouraged me and connected me.

During one of our discussions he repeated the need for me to write a book. In frustration, I answered him with, "I know I need to write a book. I just don't know on what topic and where to start."

His reply, "We could write a book together on marketing." The instant he said that I knew it was the perfect collaboration and perfect topic. We agreed on the plan and responsibilities.

I guess all I needed was a good push and some guidance.

Two years later we happily launched our baby, Secrets of Power Marketing. Our original plan called for six months. It took longer.

This blog features lessons from the experience and excerpts from the book.

George Torok
co-author Secrets of Power Marketing

PS: Secrets of Power Marketing reached bestseller status in Canada within six months
PPS: Secrets of Power Marketing is published in at least seven countries

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